Student Spotlight features performances, compositions and recitals from the students of our Academy. Each month we showacase the best performances by our students in the Shankar Mahadevan Academy - Student Spotlight Series. Watch these delightful performances from January 2019:

Hindustani Vocals

Kushala Prasad 
SMA Jan'19 Monthly Recitals

Kamod is a beautiful Raga with its unique features, distinguishing it from Kedar and Hamir. Not a commonly heard Raga, Kushala has taken up the challenge of not only selecting this Raga but also composing  Tarana in this Raga, with intricate Sargam work and Taan.The Tarana is in a 10 beat cycle. Yet she did not set it to Jhap taal but got inspired by Sool Taal which is traditionally played with the Dhrupad Shaili. Listen to Kushala Prasad presenting the Chhota Khayal 'Kaare Jane na doongi' set to Teentaal followed by Tarana set to Sooltaal in Raga Kamod. 

Grow with Music

Akshaya Patra Foundation Students
Annual Performance, Bengaluru

The smiles on their faces say it all!  
It's been a delightful journey with The Akshaya Patra Foundation towards their mission of 'Giving every Dream a Chance' and our pursuit of spreading the 'Joy of Music'. This fun-filled 'Pun-jabi' song performance by our Grow with Music Bangalore Students is taken from their Annual Day Performance.

Inspire India Project Mumbai

Inspire India Project Mumbai Students

Bharat Song, Manikarnika 

Our IIP Mumbai students performed the Bharat song on the Republic Day . Listening to this beautiful composition by the trio Shankar-Ehsan-Loy for Manikarnika instills patriotism in every Indian. 

Inspire India Project Bengaluru

Shubham Karoti Gurukula Girls

Celebration of Learning

It was a truly rewarding experience - to see CoL's vision come alive. The kids enjoyed every moment of it, you could tell! The totally self possessed doctor, who knew exactly when the platelet count was normal and when it bespoke dengue, as the little girl proclaimed, oh yes, if anyone in her family were to get fever, she knew what the symptoms could reveal! The efficient nurse who could produce a blood report within seconds! And the utterly lovable mosquitoes, who laid eggs and sucked blood as they recited ओ,ओ,ओ,ओ,ओ त दिन्नता।
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